Why Clients Choose BLN

Clients choose BLN because of our quality and value.



  • “Their processes get involvement and buy-in from my people and they know how to drive for results.”

    Charles Matthews, MD Cosworth
    Our network of consultants all have at least 5 years consulting experience and many have more than 10, often combined with senior line roles.
  • Our alliance partners provide high quality, specialist support in areas such as benchmarking and venture capital.
  • Our faculty contacts connect us to the latest business thinking and research.


  • BLN Fees Comparison
    Our clients achieve superior results using BLN’s combination of highly experienced, talented people and proven methodologies.
  • We work comfortably with people from the board level to the shop floor.
  • We help clients create lasting capabilities throughout their organisation.
  • BLN’s networked, virtual organisation eliminates hidden costs and overheads traditional consulting firms incur and we pass these savings on to our clients.

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