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BLN Associates helps companies deploy their strategies quickly and effectively. All our consultants and professional associates have extensive management and consulting experience, producing tangible, superior results for clients. Our experience spans new ventures, e-commerce startups and multinational corporations in sectors including automotive, chemicals, electronics, engineering, financial services, IT, manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, retail, and utilities. The company utilises technology to operate as a virtual organisation, eliminating costly overheads. These benefits are passed on to our clients in the form of highly competitive fees.

Effective Innovation

Image of front cover Effective Innovation by Don Clausing and Victor Fey

BLN supports Clausing and Fey’s integrated and enterprise wide innovation methodology. This approach is a must for those serious about innovation and its value to their organisation.

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Click here to read a synopsis of Effective Innovation by Don Clausing & Victor Fey (22K .pdf).

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